Monday, September 20, 2010

Even more Caricatures

I was planning to post more, but blogger is stupid today so I post my caricatures only.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sketches from 1995

My friend Katrin still had a sketchbook when we went together to school. It is probably the oldest existing sketchbook I have right now.

It is funny, embarrassing and interesting to see that old stuff!
And it also brings back good(and not so good XD) memories!

Here is my first impression of Manga and Anime, LOL:

Scary, eh?

And I loved horses(I still do)because I'm a girl after all:

That guy I copied from a Comic! I loved the Disney comics(Micky Maus) I had!!!

Here's some weird Alien creature:

Another hobbie I had was creating my dream toys! I did lots of drawings of toys I would like to see in stores, here are a few:

Early impression of porn:

Here are some drawings I revamped recently. It is a lot of fun to redraw your old characters!=)

And here is a drawing of my friend Katrin! The girl that had the old sketchbook!

Thanks for keeping it and bringing back a memory of my life!:D