Saturday, November 26, 2005


Digimon is one of my favourite series too, because the great ideas in creation of monsters and mechas. The new "X-Evolution" cards inspires me so much, so I start to try my own creations of these monsters. These here are a little choice of my monsterart (I´ve a lot of sketchbooks with these stuff). I start with my favourite creation. Its my favourite, because I mix two great series (Ren & Stimpy and Digimon XD) to one new character. I hope that John K. and all the R&S-fans in the world are not angry when they see that, Sorry(!) but I love to make experiments.
The first picture are "Stimpy" in the Champion-level, it should be the "X-evolution"(this picture are on the last page of one of my many sketchbooks):

Here is the newer version of the Ultra-level(X-evolution):

The old version of the Ultra-level:

That should be the final Mega-level of it, the older version was red either and male.

"Dobermon" is one of my favourite Digimon(because I love these Dograse), so I was inspired to create some new evolutions. Here you can see a evolution with a "Spirit" to the Champion-level:

Here is the Ultra-level (Metaldobermon):

Another Metaldobermon-drawing in another style:

The Mega-level (Magnadobermon):

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