Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Preston Blair art

Lots more tests, hope they are good.


Brett W. Thompson said...

They look great to me! I like your dark, strong pencil lines... you should keep it up!! :) I should do these again too but mine definitely won't be as good :)

Hryma said...

I just posted on your other blog and thought I'd check out your others, it's like I'm looking in the work of Preston Blair himself, spot on!
You deffinately DON'T need people to tell you it's good!
As Brett say's "Keep it up!!"

Brutus said...

Reall great Stef! ...I thought about posting some of my Preston Blair Practice... but maybe I should practice some more..heh!

Jim Smith said...

You did those freehand? I take back what I said in the previous comment. Nice work. Always look at the whole blog before commenting. I was in a hurry.