Sunday, May 06, 2007

More training stuff

The first three pictures are without the details to better understand the construction,
The blue pencil shows the mistakes I made:

Here show the red pencil my mistakes:
After two tests I should draw the details,....

....but I thought it's better to trace the construction and draw the details on seperate paper, that it's easy to see how I use the constructions.

After I finished these drawings Jose took a look to see each mistake I made, just like in this finished drawing: me - red
Jose- blue.


crsP said...

I don't get why he put a blue line on the rabbits' back in the finished drawing-surely that line would be hidden? Also, how long do you take to do your construction? What I mean is compared to the final lines. Are you really 'sketchy' with your construction lines, or do you go at a slow pace?

ryan said...


Arschblog said...

Thanks for your comments!:)

I don't know how much time I need for the constructions, but it was a long time. It's a training to get a killer eye!
I'm very clean with my constructions that I'm not confused by all the rough lines, I traced the constructions on a light table and drew the details (final stuff) arround, to show that everything works good(I hope).
I'll make another Construction post later!:)

Craig D said...

This was a really difficult pose! Your use of orthographic projection was an interesting idea. Despite all that, the finished drawing doesn't stiff or awkward. Congrats!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Very cool stuff here :)

Cheers to your work,



david gemmill said...

super solid!