Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh no!!! More Gantz stuff!


Hammerson said...

Oh yeah!!! More Gantz stuff! :)
Very nice sketches! I especially loved funny and dynamic poses of that guitar girl. Is she based on a real person? She reminds me of somebody... ;-)
Also, that cat and mouse miniature in the last picture looks really cool.
Can't wait to see Kishimoto animated by you. It's obvious from these sketches that you're going to pay special attention to the overlapping actions of certain body parts that stick out XD

Brutus said...

Wow! I'm lovin the sketches especially the girls, you really are getting the movements down and smooth! nice!

Sean Worsham said...

I wonder if they'll ever do a live-action Gantz movie? I'd rather have it where they do new Gantz episodes with your character designs.

Guillaume said...

Hey Steffi!! :D

Haha, your sketches always make me laugh. I really like the gestures with the guitar, is that supposed to be you as a Gantz character? I think it totally looks like you. I also really like that little white frame with a cat on the brown background, very cute and stylish. :)

I hope you're doing good, I heard work was a bit slow at Copernicus these days... Take care and keep posting! :)

amir avni said...

cool stuff

katzenjammer studios said...

haha, i love that cat! and wow, those drawings in pen?! you got line confidence!

these sketches look great. i see you got some animation notes. i can't wait to see you animate!
- chris

Arschblog said...

Hammerson & Guillaume: THANKS!!!Yes, that Guitar girl should be me!XD
The cat and the mouse were a background test.
I'll try a walk cycle with Kishimoto too.

Sean: Gantz ist actually very Live action friendly, it would be great to see some movies!=)
There are new chapters in Gantz! But not as cartoon(anime)yet.
Gantz is actually a very brutal and serious serie, my characters are drawn in a funny way that would not work together.

Katzenjammer: Thanks!!! I'm working on a animation right now! I'll post it when I finished some!:) I use Fineliners and ballpoint pens for my sketches.

Brutus & Amir: Thanks a lot!!!