Thursday, December 13, 2007

Caricatures and pseudo Spumco

These Sketches are old(2006)!


Hammerson said...

Joint the Dog? Timmy the Nerd?Cody? These are Spumco characters from some alternate parallel universe in which John K. has been replaced by a pretty German cartoonist girl :)
Hilarious stuff, I really love it!! What's the name of the fake George Liquor, I can't decipher it?

The caricatures are terrific! Please post (and draw) more of them.

Jack said...

I love your drawings. Your blog has really inspired me. Keep it up!

Arschblog said...

Hammerson: His name is Krillin Liquor!XD Thanks that you like them!:)

Thanks, Jack!!!:D

crsP said...
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