Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good old memories.....

...because I don't like any of the new sketches I did!XP

These one are from 2001 and 2:
My first design of Metaldobermon:

Things I don't like on Manga/Anime characters XD:
The last one is a newer sketch(from 2006):

Sorry, I'll post some new stuff soon...


aintshakespeare said...

Haha. How can you not like Adom Busen?

That is a beautiful horse and the robo-dog is way cool.

Anonymous said...

Good to see another Digimon fan, whose your favourite?

When I was a kid I'd always design combinations of Wargreymon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Gallantmon and Omnimon.

Did you prefer the animal ones or the humanoid lookin ones? I always loved the ones that looked like robots and cyborgs more than the ones that look liked animals.

amir avni said...

I like the cute dogs on the right bottom corner on the first page a lot,
The girl in the last picture is great, real sculptural.
I can't read German, but I'd agree that a lot of features on many Anime characters look unnatural- Nice satirical drawing!

Arschblog said...

"How can you not like Adom Busen?"
Because they are all over the place and they look very often unnatural!XD
Thanks that you like these drawings!:)

Jorge: I like all the Wolf, Cat or Dog like Digimon(Garurumon, Dobermon, Renamon, etc). I like the animal ones(B Types)better! But I really like a combination between Robot(or Armor) and Animal(like Metalgarurumon, Kendogarurumon)and I still have fun to create my own Digimons!:)
I would love to see your designs!=)

Amir: THANKS!!!
The bad thing is they seems to show always the bad anime in TV together with horrible voices!XP
And if they show a good anime, than they screw it up with bad voices and lots of cuts! Maybe that's why lots of people here don't like Anime/Manga, because they probably never saw some good ones!

amir avni said...

Which Anime would you recommend watching Steffi? I'll look into it.