Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I was doing Life drawings again and this time there was a man as model!
A good chance for me to get better in drawing men.
2-5 Minutes for each drawing:

Please tell me what you think, my biggest problem is that I draw the heads too big!


Tony Mitchell said...

you always have this clean and effective way of drawing awesome work as always steff!!

crsP said...

Hi there Arschblogger,

It's somewhat difficult to make a critique of life drawing without having the model to look for comparison. For example, I noticed that your Brazilian carnival queen in the last post has the proportions of long body and short legs. I actually like that you had done it that way, and have seen girls with those proportions. The life study of the guy where he's up against the wall, like some shower scene from a prison movie, has a similar situation where he's got a long body. But I don't know if this guy is shaped like that or you got it wrong. To me, in that same drawing, his arms look too long, but maybe the short legs are giving that impression? I'm not sure.

What I would suggest is using some bigger sheets of paper [looks like your using an A4 pad] and mediums like charcoal and chalk. You will get to be more loose [I say!], especially as charcoal is harder to control than pencil. I mean even your more rough looking examples look like they have tight lines! Maybe it'll be helpful. Plus at the end of the session you can pat your colleagues on the back. They'll think you're being extra supportive, but really you're just getting their clothes dirty - what a laugh, the rubes!

As drawings in their own right, they look quite well done. The last one looks pretty solid. And the one with the guy lying on the floor holding his knee looks like a diagram demonstrating how to do CPR on the naked!

It's interesting that you say you draw the heads too big - in the book, How to draw Comics The Marvel Way, they say

"We've also found that it's preferable to draw a female's head slightly smaller than a male's."

crsP said...

And I'll add, for two to five minute drawings they are even more excellent! You are probably a demon at getting finished animation frames out!

crsP said...

What I meant in the comment of your last post about the woman lying down is that she looks like she belongs in a comic book.