Friday, January 16, 2009

Holiday Fun

Unfinished Girl:

Freezing my @$$ off:
I'm not good in doing least I had fun!XD


ryan said...

HILARIOUS caricatures. I love that top drawing and the reikahawt.jpg <-- she's got a NICE ASS! =)

crsP said...

I think the Leona Lewis one is quite accurate. She does have a top half of face feminine and beautiful but the jaw area a bit masculine. Well done. Pat yourself on the back. Wear a hat of peanut butter if that helps your celebrations too.

Arschblog said...

Ryan: I even colored that drawing but I gave up!XD

Crsp: Thank you!!!:0) I asked someone to pat my back, but I won't wear a hat of peanut butter, because I don't like peanut butter!XD