Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grilled Cheese

Have fun!!!:)


ManuPela said...

You've got a very nice style!
I like this characters! ;)

Dam Ferreira said...

Your blog is fantastic
His illustrations are very beautiful


Patrick McMicheal said...

I love these drawings!!!! Every time I see your characters, it makes me want to draw that moment!
I am so proud to be an owner of one of your original works!!!
You are so naturally talented.

Nicolas Martinez said...

The belly dancer sure is pretty! ;)

Amir Avni said...

Yup, Your belly dancer drawing is perfect :)

crsP said...

That gantz\simpsons drawing with the hoodie reminds me of the killer babysitter episode from a really old Simpsons. Don't know if you saw or remember that one. That's when they were a bit more adventurous with the character designs - now they have a program to mix and match body parts to create 'your own' Simpsons avatar. Which I suspect they use for the show.

You are obviously capable of Simpsons styled Gantz characters, so I challenge you to do a Gantz style of the Simpsons family. If you fail, you must do 12 push-ups. Real ones, not the fake bent-knee version for Beverly Hills housewives at yoga class.

Jesús Belly 3114 said...

Me encantan, son geniales

ryan said...

awesome steffi!