Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fooking Prawns!!!

A few of many District 9 related drawings, it is so much fun to draw them!=) These are newer drawings. I wanted to upload the older ones but the stupid PC(Mac of course!) makes everything harder! I'll try it again on a different Computer. I hope you like these drawings!:)


crsP said...

Fooking amazing!!!

You draw so well. They look like they're from a comic book.
you should make a finished version of that neon sign - I lubs it.

P.S. the mac is not at fault, it is USER error!!! hee

Arschblog said...

Have you seen the movie? I fooking love it!!!:D
I would love to do a District 9 comic/manga but I suck in drawing men and Backgrounds and I don't have much time!XD

crsP said...

I saw it. Good movie.

I think you might be better than you think if you tried - you have solid understanding of anatomy. Your Katou cartoon versions don't look so feminine, despite Katou himself looking borderline female in the original. But you are more familiar with your abilities, so I believe you. You could always collaborate with someone who is good at males and backgrounds. But that seems like a lot of effort to put into something that will eventually get you sued!