Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fokken Prunes!!!

This post starts with a dog for some reason...

Hand studies:

Believe it or not; Wikus(Sharlto Copley) is really hard to draw!!!
I did hundred of sketches of him but there is no drawing yet I really like!'____'
But I don't give up!!!:3
I used scenes from the movie as reference:

More Prawns:

Lorgtron Prawnsworth and his friends:

Oh sh1t!

I used a photo of a Oliver-doll from the movie as reference for these little sketches:

AND I WANT THAT DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


crsP said...

I didn't realise those aliens had nipples. Thanks for the clarification.

Your 'Junko' style stuff look like they can be badges. I like the one of the girl kicking the alien in his stupid face. That should learn him!

The eyes on some of those girl drawings look weird. I think maybe they wrap around the face too much. I'm referring to he girl in 'cutepoop097' and one in 'rasysagirlz094'. I don't know if that is the problem. But they are freaking me out man! DUDE!! WHOAH!!!

Saskia said...

Ich habe mich über den Film erkundigt weil mir deine Zeichnungen so gut gefallen haben... und meine Güte, der kleine Oliver ist ja süß D=
Und dein Skizzen sind wahnsinn, ich mag auch die ganze Alternativ Szenarios... kann´s kaum erwarten bis ich die DVD bekomme, dann verstehe ich sicherlich alle Referenzen...

diego nueno said...

hola, estado viendo tus dibujos de gantz y me interesa su talento, vera, tengo un proyecto de gantz y me gustaria que usted le pusiera los dibujos, no son muchos pero si le interesa mi correo es, (para ponernos en contacto y mostrarle de que se trata la novela alternativa), si no, de todas maneras gracias por leer mi peticion


Patrick McMicheal said...

I love the Wolf Girl drawing!!! Very Cute.

Arschblog said...

Crsp: I don't think that these are "nipples", looks more like spikes.:D
You should read Junko's comics/manga, they are really funny and weird, I love them!!!=)
Thanks! I still have to learn a lot!;_;

Saskia: Vielen Dank!!!:D Es freut mich sehr das Dir die Bilder gefallen!!!:)
Du must Dir den Film unbedingt ansehen! Am besten in Englisch(die deutsche Synchro ist schrecklich!!!:(), Wikus(Sharlto Copley) hat einfach einen tollen akzent!XD District 9 ist z.Z. mein absoluter Lieblingsfilm und die Aliens in den Film sind nun meine lieblings-film-aliens!:3
Erzaehl mir unbedingt wie Dir der Film gefallen hat!!!!!=)

Patrick: Thanks for checking out my sketch-blog! The only blog I still update regularely.XD Blogging became boring lately, but I don't want to fill up DA with my crap(and it's too much of an effort!)so I post it all here!XD

Diego: Thanks!!!:) But I don't really understand what you say..., you can use my Gantz-stuff if you want!:)