Saturday, January 08, 2011

That obsession never ends...

Anatomy fail u_u:

Stupid dreams:

This page is based on a dream! In that dream I had the newest Volume of Gantz and I was looking through all the chapters I never seen before.
It was mostly about all the surviving Characters and what they do after Gantz.
The one chapter was about Katou, who seem to had a girlfriend before he ended up in Gantz.
She became pregnant from him and broke up with him for some reason. She never told him that she was pregnant and after the child was born, her mom felt sorry and contacted Katou.
Well, this was the page I remembered the most; he comes over to his ex-girlfriend's house(Girlfriend not home)and her mom shows him the Baby. He gets all happy.

Sounds like some story you find on DA, and I hope stuff like this never happens in the real Manga!XD Because of that I felt really uneasy during the following day, the worst thing was in that dream Lady GaGa's "Alejandro" was playing!@_@

Some stupid test my friend and I did: Draw a character upside down and with your non-dominant hand!

With all that weird Fat-fetish going on, I wanted to know how sexy it looks on Katou. No it doesn't!XD