Saturday, July 09, 2011

Not sure

Dreams I had:

Guess who:


Mitch K said...

Really beautiful awesome stuff, Steffi!

Kent said...

The Police Academy characters from the cartoon? Wow! Now THAT is obscure! :D

Arschblog said...

Mitch: Thank you!!!:D
Btw, Beautiful profile picture!!!=)

Kent: I'm glad you recognise them!!!=) Had(and still have) a nostalgia trip, loved the Cartoon when I was a kid!XD
Funny thing is I watched the Cartoon series before I actually even know that it was based on the Movies!XD

They should redo the Cartoon, but this time everything better and maybe be aimed for adults!:D

Amir Avni said...

Each one more incredible than the other, the Centaur reminds me a bit of Jack Davis' drawings...the cartoony dogs are amazing...the name 'PopTurd' alone is hilarious...
The tooth pastse is really funny, is that a direct parody on something?