Wednesday, December 28, 2011

See you next year!;)

Dream stuff:

Livedrawinx from photos:


David Germain said...

That is some great and sexy stuff. Is that one girl wearing dress made out of penises?

Sicher said...

You never fail to impress <3

crsP said...


I like the way you ink your stuff. It looks like you use a brush pen rather than a brush. Am I right [when have I ever been wrong...]? Do you have any tips for inking - that does not involve practising or doing any drawing what-so-ever? Drawing is for nerds, and the prom is like, totally coming up in a few days.

By the way, it's 'Life Drawing' ['life' as in drawing from life], and not 'Live Drawing' ['live' as in concert].

P.S. Even though you attempted to censor that drawing with the black circle, it now just looks like she has a gaping black-hole of a vagina. So dense is the matter contained, that just off to the side I think I see Stephen Hawkins studying it and formulating new theories.

P.P.S. I saw the John K, Simpsons intro... erm, were you involved in that? I don’t get why it demonstrated so much of the stuff that John K says are bad in, what he refers to as ‘modern cartoons’. Was it meant to be ironic? I wish he had tried. I also wish Banksy had hand animated his entire Simpsons intro. But you know what Steff ø?



*bluBb blub*

Mike said...

Happy New Year, girl! You rock!!

Manoj Singh said...

A very good stuff. Beautiful work.

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Benjamin Arcand said...

NICE! There's a lot of GGGRRREEATTT drawings in this post.

Manoj Singh said...

Beautiful work.

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