Friday, June 13, 2008

Cartoon Katou and other stuff

Okay...the first doodle is not very cartoony,but I hope the other ones are!^^ I watched (Games)Ren & Stimpy a lot, that's what came out:


tek! said...

hahaha great stuff!
i love how the sketches get more loose in style and action (if they were put by order of creation?)

Hryma said...

You working for John yet?!
I was going to post on every visible post but I thought that might be to much.
You don't need to be told how good you are, the proof is in the pudding!

crsP said...

I like how you've given the face form in the first one. Many people when they copy manga styles they make the features on the face flat. They don't see that even manga artist follow form. Lips look meaty even though he's got thin ones. And the hair's cool too.

Nice cactus - reminds me of something... Good strategic placing of that leaf also! You're the funniest German I've come across!

ryan said...

funny sketches!! i like the expressions on the very bottom one!

amir avni said...

The part lizard/part bald eagle creature is genius

Arschblog said...

Tek: They are actually not really in order^^, I'm glad you like them!!!:D

Hryma: No. Thanks for all your nice comments!:3

Crsp: Thank you!!! And there are even lots of "how to draw Manga"- books out who tell you draw stiff!XP You are right, a good Anime and Manga also have nice and natural shapes!
The cactus...hahahahahaha!!!!!
I like to put little hidden jokes in my drawings!XD

Ryan: Thank you!=)

Amir:Thanks! I actually tried to draw a cartoon Kappa!XD