Friday, July 04, 2008


I don't know what I should write.....I hope you like it.


Hryma said...

I like! the big headed cat is cool.

crsP said...

That cat looks all the more sweet with that ghost cat looking up at her. Was that intentional or just a separate drawing? I have a tendency to cram different drawings into any blank space with no regard to the personal space of previous ones. Sometimes with unintentionally perverted results...

When you posted the Simpsons Gantz, I had a feeling there was a Ren and Stimpy Gantz somewhere out there! I really dig the one where he's got that blank stare and black outfit. You sure can draw Ren and Stimpy - AND make them look like Ren and Stimpy!

DemonStimpy?! Thanks for the nightmares lady!!!

ryan said...

your drawings are always so good! i like those stimpys.

Fedex said...

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Mitch L said...


I don't know what to say else...

david gemmill said...

super solid drawings as usual! really cool!

Arschblog said...

Crsp: No, it's a failed sketch!XD It was the first try of her!^^

I did a sketch where R&S wear Gantz suits, but it's an old sketch, I did that in the time as I saw Gantz the first time.
There are lots of mistakes in the suits and I just don't like that sketch.>.< If I find that sketch I'll post it.:)
I'm happy you like my R&S sketches! In my old posts you find lots of R&S fanarts! I should do some new!:3

Fedex: Thank you!!! I'm always worried that Gantzfans don't like my fanarts, since I do the most drawings weird and cartoony!
I'm very happy that you like them, that makes me feel better!:D

Thanks for your comments on my Sketches Hryma, David, Ryan and Mitch L.!!!:D

PCUnfunny said...

You make both animals and men so sexy.

Shiro said...

Your work is really great! Im you fan!

Arschblog said...

PC and Shiro: Thank you!!!!!:)