Sunday, August 10, 2008


I did so many sketches but I was too lazy to post them! Sooooorrrry!!!!!! So I did 2 posts!:)

Here I was inspired by Katie Rice's (her blog: Girls, I hope you like them.

Not a girl:

A old one:

For Crsp:

I found that sketch, it's maybe already on the blog, but I'm too lazy to check.XD

Ps: Don't be freaked out by the post underneath! I plan to draw more stuff that has nothing to do with Gantz!!!;)


Hammerson said...

>> Is there a name for this(my) kind of craziness ??? <<

Yes! Gantzcraziness coupled with chronic Katouitis. It's dangerous and there's no cure, but it inspires some very funny drawings :)
I always enjoy seeing such quick and spontaneous sketches. They are like a direct link to the artist's brain.

I love that sketch of R&S in Gantz suits. I did few such drawings myself, remember Renishi and Catou ;)

The girls are very cute, with qualities of Katie and Steffi style. Gantz babies are frighteningly cute. And what's up with that last picture? Katou is punching another Katou in the head?! Who's the evil one among

P.S. Stinkatou!?! You're crazy XD

Arschblog said...

Thanks Doctor! Now I know what it is!XD

I like them too, and very often even more than my finished drawings!^^ That's why I clean up directly from them!

That R&S sketch is really old, almost everything is wrong!@_@
Maybe I should do a new one.

Gantzbabies? Do you mean Takeshi or my failed chibi Katous?

They are not fighting, it's just two different drawings but on a really weird place of the paper.
Or maybe he really punches him because the other one looks so crappy!XD

Btw great comment! You make me laugh!XD

Hammerson said...

>> That's why I clean up directly from them! <<

Good idea. Are you cleaning up digitally, or with a pencil? Lately I draw my sketches with red and blue pencils, and they look like a 3D movie without glasses! XD

>> Gantzbabies? Do you mean Takeshi or my failed chibi Katous? <<

Both. That could be a new Gantz spin-off, like Muppet Babies! :) I wonder what kind of aliens they could fight. BTW, nothing's failed about your Takeshi and chibi Katous, they look great! Baby Takeshi on the left even reminds me of some Chuck Jones character designs.

>> Or maybe he really punches him because the other one looks so crappy!XD <<

My theory: one of them is a shapeshifter alien who took Katou's form and appearance. Since Katou is too honest and noble to attack somebody from the back, I guess the "crappy" guy must be the real McCoy, I mean Katou, and the other one attacking him is a filthy alien. A possible idea for your new comic?

>> Btw great comment! You make me laugh!XD <<

Anytime... :)
Your artwork always make me laugh and feel happy! There are so many things to comment about these drawings...

ryan said...

i like your head shapes

crsP said...

Me likes the Ren and Stimpy. I am not familiar with Gantz so I don't notice what is wrong with their suits. Just the chin bongos are missing! If you are doing it again like you said you might, give Ren a similar deranged expression like you gave yourself in the drawing where you are waiting for the next Gantz - I think he'd like the opportunity to kill.

Please stop drawing chibis. I don't have time to explain why, so here's a short documentary that reveals all.

That crazykatou pose is just so fantastically awesometastic! In the one below he looks a bit like that douchebag Waluigi.

Oh, I've seen all your posts. There's nothing creepy about that at all. I also made a sculpture of you from mashed potato. That is a completely normal thing to do outside of Germany. You could ask anyone for confirmation, but don't as they might be offended.

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El Gran Don Cocor said...

Wow. Impresive stuff.

Arschblog said...

Thanks for checking out my stuff!=D

Crsp: You are right! No Chin Bongos!XD And yes, Ren would be probably the second Nishi!XD

Don't worry, there won't be any new Chibi drawings in the next future!:)

Really? I want to see my Potato-twin!=)