Friday, October 17, 2008

Sometimes I forget that I have more than one blog...


MUCHO said...

you have how many blogs?

crsP said...

You shouldn't listen to me and stop drawing chibiis! I just wanted to warn you of their evil nature.

I don't know who's apartment that is, but judging by the amount of tissue, I can only conclude that they are a chronic masturbator. I don't know what either of you would think of my statement, but it looks like it could be a background from one of Ryan's cartoons.

That Stimpy looks crazy-cute. And dumb!

I like how you're experimenting with a softer lead [maybe a graphite stick?] on your Katous. I would like to see you attempt a charcoal and chalk of him. Really loose [you have to be with charcoal - don't fight it!]. Yer, oOo, get durty with the charcoal... ooo... aaa... caress that canvas... that's it arschi, do it how we like it, mmmm get loose and muddy... no we don't want it stiff! Pervert.

CarolineJarvis said...

great work!!

ryan said...

nice new batch of drawings! i like that room.

Amir Avni said...

Neat stuff

Arschblog said...

Mucho: 3!=)

Crsp: That is Katou's apartment!XD
He cries too much, that's why all the tissue!!!LOL
Thanks!!! I love Ryans Backgrounds!!!

If I get some charcoal and chalk, I'll try it!!!:3
This one was done with a pencil!

Caroline: Thank you!!!
How are you?

Ryan: I'm very happy that you like this room! Thank you!!!=D

Amir: Thank you!!!!!!:D

Anonymous said...

Stimpy as Doraemon? Hell yes!

As usual, you have some great stuff, love.

Have a good one,

From an aspiring animator/ artist

Arschblog said...

Thank you, Bruce!!!!!:D