Wednesday, December 16, 2009

District 9

I did tons of sketches (especially District 9 related) lately because I barely have time to do a fancy colored picture. Because there are so many drawings I split the post in to two posts; Cool drawings and ugly drawings, I hope you enjoy!:)

The Dog-skulls are done from memory, so please forgive me the mistakes!

I used movie screen shots as reference for these drawings, I wanted to draw Prawns walking on four legs.

Koobus and Wikus Oku-style:

Older stuff:

I hope you like them!:)


Zeitwolf said...

sooo, you've got another obsession... fascinating...

crsP said...

I love that part where they are trying to get the gloop back, and Christopher is completely spaced out through the gunfire. I was going to draw a joke on that but you did something better, so I wont. In fact I might retire my pencil.

You've got his look more in the cartoon version. I think when you do the manga styled ones, you lose his mangled nose. And that guy has a lot of character in his nose!

The first of the ugly ones, you must have gone out of your way to make it look bad. Or is that your natural style? hee

crsP said...

Oh and, that drawing with naked Katou and the alien is totally ghey.

Sqli said...

oh damn, you rule. i love those.

Arschblog said...

Zeitwolf: Ja!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3

Crsp: You should draw it!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!=)
And don't give up drawing! I'm right now in a down and feel like a horrible artist but it doesn't make me to give up!:)

Yes, The cartoon-version looks more like him!XD Wikus (Sharlto) is amazing!!!:D

That drawing is a Crack-drawing! I do shit like that all the time and it is fun! Just turn off the brain and let your hand do the job!XD I did tons more and even crazier ones but I don't know that I should post them!XD

Sqli: Thank you!!!:D

Balron said...

Hey, I seen you on Deviantart. I just signed up to Blogger, and would like to watch you :3
The name's Balron x3