Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Girl Tests

I did lots of Girl drawings lately, especially more realistic ones. What do you think? Do they look good? Any advice to make them better? Thanks!


crsP said...

SoOo0Ooo, in Germany 'realistic' means really big babs? hee

I can't believe some of these are just sketches. Your sketch work looks more finished than a lot of the stuff out there. Mine included!
I really like the swimsuit girl. She's a Preston Blair influence? The proportions seem similar. And her face reminds me of Nicole Kidman. That plain but elegant type thing. Know what I mean?

I can't give much advice - you're a professional. I mean that in the quality of your work, not your job description. These are sketches, so it's difficult to know what you were going for. You have to put them in context. For example if you put up a drawing and said you were going for a look of a girl from a classic French film noire, then it would be easier to pick apart something that doesn't 'fit' in the drawing.

Having said that [I can't help myself - it's a disease!], headache girl's pose seems off balance to me. She's leaning forward with her big head and sizeable lady pillows, on what looks like her toes. If you get the toes to look more like a hand in a claw position, then it would look more convincing that she is propping up that weight. Also the heel of that same foot is too squared off for my tastes. You could round it off and have a slight protrusion like what you have done with some of the others on this post. And the right eye may be positioned too much to the left of the drawing.

The centre girl in itswarmoutside looks like her nipples are cross-eyed. That's not a critique, but an observation! Speaking of which, I see we share a adoration of puffy nipples. Let's start a club. With badges. Obviously we can't use badges with pins, for fear of deflating the ones we admire so dearly.

Your dogs are always awesome. You are the beastmaster, surely!

Arschblog said...

I'm happy you like my sketches and thanks for you critiques!:) I still have a lot to learn(bewbs are really tricky!XD), but it's fun!:)
Artists always have a different picture in their heads!XD